History of LEADONE Co.,Ltd

2020 ~ NOW

  • 2021.09Moved to a larger locations the Sales office/Laboratory
  • 2021.04ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • 2021.04High efficiency certification (57 items besides CDL-15)
  • 2021.03New launch of Sterilization lighting & sterilizer
    using UVC light source
  • 2021.02KS(Korean Standards) certification. (KSC7653/7655/7658/7712)
  • 2020.12Certification of venture companies
  • 2020.12Establishment of Factory(Chen-an)
  • 2020.08Establishment of R&D department
  • 2020.05        Founding of LEADONE Co.,Ltd
  •               (Spin-off of lighting division from Daejin DMP Co.,Ltd.)

2001 ~ 2019

  • 2017.02New launch of "oh'Bright" (home lighting)
  • 2012.06Selected as a future leading promising company (LED lighting sector)
  • 2008.02Launch XLEDS LED Stand Lights
  • 2007.10Patent registration for LED lighting system and control method
  • 2007.09XLEDS US trademark registration
  • 2007.05Patent registration for LED light emitting device
  • 2007.02Development and launch of new LED BAR products
  • 2002.08LED Biz start up (Daejin DMP Co.,Ltd)